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Default Re: Thomas Robinson Predraft Workout

Originally Posted by AK47DR91
I thought pull-up and transitional jumpers are more of a perimeter player type of play.

Anyway, I think he's gonna be a Brandon Bass, Paul Millsap type of player.

The sad part is those guys ended up as 2nd Rounders, while Robinson wont go lower than 6th. Just off of having seen both in college, Paul Millsap was a better player than Robinson simply off of having a far better low post game. He played at a lower level but was a dominant force from day 1 and his "knock" was the questions of him being 6'7 or 6'9. Wasn't a great athlete, but was far smoother with utilizing his lower body strength and showed good footwork.

If Robinson's bread & butter is going to be in the low post in the NBA, he's due for a serious rude awakening unless he goes to a team who gives him the shots he wants so he can stat pad on subpar efficiency. Same thing that happened with JJ Hickson in Cleveland & Blatche in Washington before they realized that it was not worth continuing and playing up their egos.

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