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Default Re: Thomas Robinson Predraft Workout

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
Just watched the video and it doesn't tell you very much. First, like I said, we have no clue at which point this drill was run in the workout. It could have been the last thing on the agenda and just a test on his conditioning and not necessarily making baskets. He was still moving well and getting a pretty quick release on those jumpers (better than the other two guys competing, for sure).

The other thing is, I don't think the Wizards hope that Robinson is going to be the kind of player that will throw up 15-18 foot spot-up jumpers on fast breaks.

Well, if he did end up with Washington. I do think they would hope he's capable of consistently hitting 15-18 foot jumpshots after setting a pick or screen or even if he's left wide open near the top of the key. With the acquistions of Nene & Okafor to go with the inconsistent shooting backcourt of Wall & Crawford they will be looking for any sort of semblance of "spacing" on the floor.

********* tells me the 2 other guys working out were Al'Lonzo Coleman from Presbyterian & Kevin Thompson from Morgan State. Never heard of the first one but I've seen Thompson play multiple times at Morgan State and he's most likely going to be a D-League level player or overseas. He rarely took any shots outside of 5 feet in college but was very good in the post. Bozeman had him set up on the low block on every possession and their offense worked inside-out with Thompson either using his strength to power his way to lay it in or passing it back out for them to swing the ball around and jack up a 3 pointer.
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