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Default Re: Thomas Robinson Predraft Workout

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
Pretty much agree with your post aside from the bolded part. These workouts really should mean a hell of a lot more to these guys than a random regular season basketball game.

The difference in the pay scale between going, say, No. 4 to the Cavs and dropping to the bottom half of the lottery is huge. There are millions of dollars on the line and, at least in the Cavs' case, there is a lot of stock put into how these guys look against other top prospects in a setting that the franchise can control to try to spot weaknesses.

One of the biggest reasons that Tristan Thompson was taken No. 4 overall last year was because he completely out-performed Derrick Williams in several workouts. If these guys think that these pre-draft workouts don't mean much, they have been misled somewhere along the way.

These are the most important moments in their careers up to this point, from a perspective of making a living playing basketball. If you look like garbage, your stock can plummet. Drummond had a real chance to get into the Top 4... Even as high as No. 2 with good workouts and interviews. Instead, most mocks now have him between 7-10.

Millions of dollars have potentially been lost.

I was referencing the perception of a player like Drummond who has assured himself of being a Top 10 pick. If an in-game performance doesn't register to him as being important and he had 25-30 of those, then I highly doubt a competition with another player would get a rise out of him. He's always had motivation problems and we both saw that at UConn as he would just coast through games without trying to establish himself on offense. On the other hand, T-Rob is on a mission to prove himself to every NBA scout/GM because he's trying to earn respect & a payday. Just more mature and realizing that these workouts are a job interview.

Drummond's stock should be slipping, but his upside is so attractive. From all I've gathered via the ISH Rumors page the past 2 weeks and the Twitters of local columnists, he has struck out at each workout. Probably has a lot to do with him not taking them seriously or much else seriously. I saw that he had ended one of his workouts after they did a simple Free Throw drill and clanked a few. I think that was in Portland.
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