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Default Re: Would You Do the #2 for Joakim Noah?

Originally Posted by fatboy11
I disagree completely.

There aren't many superstars (if any) in this draft and NBA types know that. It's a deep draft in terms of solid players. Ty Lawson or Joakim Noah type players. Legit starters, maybe borderline All-Stars. Aren't a whole lot of players available through trade that will net you 10 extra games by themselves. You're overvaluing the pick. You really are. If you're Charlotte, you minimize your risk with this trade. You know what you're getting and you know it makes your team better. Obviously, you also minimize your reward if #2 ends up being a great player, but you still guarantee that you don't get completely burned if that players is a bust (like Adam Morrison).

Charlotte's not really in a position to win now either way. MJ doesnt have as much money as other owners, and to think he'd spend a good chunk of HIS cap space on Joakim Noah it pretty laughable. You seriously dont think Beal/Robinson can be impact players in the NBA, or potentially Harrison Barnes? Even a guy like Jeremy Lamb. Shoot, Austin Rivers could become a all star for all we know.
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