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Not airballing my layups anymore
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Default Re: Becoming a catch and shoot player

I just started to become a catch and shoot player. I got tired of catching the ball and then trying to make a play for teammates or dribbling around until I could get closer to the rim.

I'm a fairly decent shooter so I figured why not just try for the first opportunity to get a decent shot up. So if a guy inbounds the ball to me, I'm just squaring up and shooting.

I started doing this this week and hit 4 3 pointers in a row but then my teammates wanted to shoot too so they froze me out the rest of the game and we lost lol. They care more about getting their own shots than winning lol.

The next day I went 0-4 in a game and we lost the run.

Love watching ben Gordon and Ray Allen in those videos.
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