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Default Re: Projecting Olympic Rosters

Meanwhile, Australia have just beaten Greece on back-to-back matches by 30 and 40 points in Melbourne!!

I saw the first game and I swear Greece must have at LEAST 8-9 of it's regular, best players not with the team, because they are just a bunch of young guys with not alot of talent... in comparison with the Australian players, who are no world beaters!

No Andrew Bogut will hurt us with getting through to the final 8 at the games. Kyrie Irving would have been handy also, had he have nominated to pick up his Aussie citizenship!!

Line up with be:

C: Aleks Maric / David Andersen / Aron Baynes
PF: Matt Nielson / Mark Worthington
SF: Brad Newley / David Barlow
SG: Joe Ingles / Peter Crawford
PG: Patty Mills / Matt Dellavedova / Adam Gibson

Is any of this relevant? No.. but it's a thread for this kind of information, so remember that before hating on this post :)

Go Boomers! I'll be there watching
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