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Default Re: Big Bobcats salary cap space this summer

Imo it's a two man free agency: Goran Dragic and Ersan Ilyasova. I know they are some of the most coveted this FA, but why not give it a shot?

Goran Dragic might be the type of guy who appreciates coming to a team where he could command more opportunity. He spent the last 5 seasons in situations where he really hasn't had a fair share of minutes, but he averaged 18 and 8 in his limited starts last season and looks like a very dynamic player. Since I have no confidence in Kemba or DJ I wouldn't mind bringing in Dragic.

Ilyasova is a good rebounder and a great shooter, and he's been playing in Milwaukee which couldn't have been that fantastic of an experience. He'll never be a world beater, but I figure he can be a dependable and useful player for many more seasons.

But I'm sure they won't even be pursued and the Bobcats will be looking to hand out a couple of 2 million / year contracts at most. Reggie Williams type signings, we have enough of those guys on the team.
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