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Default Re: Luol Deng doesn't expect trade, but won't be shocked by one

As much as I support Luol, appreciate his overall game, realize how much he brings to the table, value how he's a good player both on and off the court, and know that he's a competitor and a good leader I would understand if management decided to move him as long as it's for the right deal.

If a deal does happen then we can all discuss whether or not we feel it was the right move, but until then I'm in wait and see mode.

We need some financial flexibility going further and we need to get a little younger, more athletic and more offensive so if a deal brings us the majority of that then I can see it being beneficial.

I would much rather find a way to move Boozer and keep Deng as our overpaid player. Practically every team has at least one player with a contract he's not worth. Unfortunately we happen to have two.

I still think the Nets are a possible destination for Boozer. They have a billionaire owner who is eager to bring in any kind of talent to sell to the new fan base in Brooklyn. Also it makes a lot of sense on the basketball court as well. The Nets need a good rebounder next to Brook Lopez and Boozer is exactly that. Boozer is also an upgrade over Humphries for them. Boozer played well with and has a good relationship with Deron Williams who they are attempting to keep in town. Lastly, if they do manage to get Dwight... he and Boozer are good friends and would also complement each other.

We'd get rid of Boozer, get to keep Deng (or still move him for the right deal) and save money.

If I were management I'd be on the phone with the Nets trying to work out a deal.

Have them sign and trade Kris Humphries to us along with Anthony Morrow for Carlos Boozer and give them the Charlotte pick as well to put it over the top.

Kris Humphries can be signed to a 2-3 year in the $18-21 million dollar deal to be our second PF until Mirotic is ready to come over. Start Taj Gibson.

Let Korver and Brewer walk as Morrow can fill in for them.
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