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Default Re: 2012 Olympics Preparation Games

Originally Posted by TKstyle
hey man, you're Greek right? Or at least follow the greek team and it's league pretty closely? Anyway, what's the deal with the Greece team that is currently taking on the Aussies at the moment in a 3 game series in Melbourne?

Boomers are destroying them! I realise and understand that it simply can not possibly be the full strength Greek team, but how many of their quality players aren't playing?

Just interested to know, and I thought you would best know :)

The Greek team that went to Australia is a team of young players that don't play for the national team. The Greek federation was able to call some young players and get them to go to Australia to play there.

It's basically something like a prospect roster.

Like, Katisvelis is considered a possible future talent. But in the current time he was the 16th man of Olympiacos this season.

Sarikopoulos is considered a possible future talent, but was the third string center of Panionios this year, etc.

Some of the players though that they sent, are not what you would call talents, but just third rate Greek League players. Like Giannakidis, Athinou and such.

So basically that was a team that they assembled to get some training and to get some money from the Australian federation.
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