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Default Re: The Official 2012 NBA Draft Thread - June 28, 2012, 7:30 PM EST

don't want to start a new thread since i feel this topic is closely related. let's do a little breakdown:

your most overrated?

most overrated:
drummond - i realize his potential is huge but i'm way more on the risk side. not saying he won't be good but franchise player?

barnes - like him as a 2nd option but i'd have my doubts with him as a 1st option

meyers leonard - i realize the improvement but some people are making it seem like he's the consensus #2 C and i just don't see it.

lamb - caught my attention a couple years ago and started getting hype. then it seemed people cooled off on him. off ball stuff and coming off screens is obvious but i feel he's getting underrated with his pull up jumper. he also can make a quick dribble and pitch. his across the body passes reminds me of ray allen a bit. not overly precise but effective. quick release comes a long way in this league.

jones III

damian lilard - sort of see him as a deron williams lite. maybe a george hill/courtney lee combo? good wingspan for his size. aggressive and can shoot.

kendall marshall - i love his shot selection. shaky jumper but finds a way to get into the paint and he has great court vision. athleticism is a slight issue but he has nice size to fall back on. floor general - won't take over games but should make his teammates better

royce white - versatile but an enigma

orlando johnson - possibly the next marcus thornton? good offensive game that isn't reliant on iso plays

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