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Default Re: Big Bobcats salary cap space this summer

Originally Posted by liverpooty
If Im not mistaken per the new CBA rules teams have to spend atleast 90% of the salary cap for that particular season, so it isn't as if the Bobcats can just wait, and wait, and wait for a group of free agents they like.

Which basically means as previously stated that they will sign 3 a bunch of Reggie Williams type deals.

85% this year, 90% next and beyond:

The salary floor, previously 75% of the cap, will increase to 85% in 201112 and 201213, and 90% in future years.

85% of 58 million is only 49.3 so let's say 50 million. If we let all RFA/FAs walk and just sign the #2 we'll be around 46 million.

The next year is when we have the real money to spend.
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