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Default Re: Projecting Olympic Rosters

Originally Posted by TKstyle
And to throw in my two cents worth... I believe the medals will be:

Bronze: France (providing Parker plays)

I know some other posters here believe that the lesser known to the western-world countires (USA, Canada, Aus ect) think that the likes of Greece, Lithuania, Russia and Argentina will be real chances... but I just don't see it. It's just my opinion, would be happy to be proven wrong

In all honesty, a full France isn't any better than Lithuania and certainly isn't as good as Greece, even with their key absences. They might be a bit better than Russia, but not by much.

Argentina is too old. I don't think anyone but American NBA fans thinks they will medal. Argentinians certainly don't. It's just that American NBA fans know absolutely nothing about international basketball, nothing about any players that are not in the NBA, and they totally overrate NBA players, etc.

People outside the USA generally know Argentina is too old. But I have to say that you are overrating France.

Not because you think they can get a bronze, because they can, but because you think they are clearly better than Greece, Russia, Lithuania, and that those teams don't really have a shot to medal. Honestly, I'm not even sure that France is even better than Macedonia.

But I will say this, France is not beating Greece in an elimination game. Not happening. Even if Greece's missing players still don't join the team, they are still beating France in an elimination game, if they meet again at that stage.

As for Spain being second, if Navarro still has foot problems, that won't happen.

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