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Default Re: Lakers Want Back In First Round

Originally Posted by tamaraw08
I think it was Picc who pointed out 2 yrs ago that Shannon Brown was such a bad entry passer. Why am I pointing this out? Bec most of us simply get wowed by a player's ability to fly and do those spectacular dunks, shoot those 3's etc and fail to see the other details of the game. There are players out there including guards who are not very good entry passers.
A huge part of Bynum's resurgence in the regular season was bec of Pau's positioning in the court, sucking his defender and his ability to feed him the ball from within 5 feet.
A huge part of Bynum's game is being assisted. 73% of his makes come on assists.

All bigs score on assists for the most part but Bynum is abnormally high. Howard's around 53% for an example and that's lower than the norm due to his high amount of putbacks 65% is about normal for big men depending on their games. Pau's is at 67% Duncans right there too but they get a higher rating because their dunks off of assists are so high it skews the meter despite the fact they don't dunk the ball very often. Take out dunks and Pau's assisted shots drops to around 62% Take out dunks and Bynum's stay in the low 70's
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