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Default Re: Your favorite console of all time

Originally Posted by UtahJazzFan88
Nintendo Entertainment System or the pioneer of modern console gaming, PS2.

Which Ironically Dreamcast was the better system (better graphics on most games, more unique features, half the price) but agree due to the length of time it was at the top, how many competitors it destroyed in sales and longevity it was the pioneer of modern gaming. In just two years in America Dreamcast made at least 15 classic games which is a great rate. If it got 10 years like the PS2 can't imagine how far it could have went. It's one of gaming's biggest tragedies honestly. Sony crushed everybody...

Here are the exact side by side specs of the actual hardware.

Dreamcast: 128-bit, 200 MHz main processor, with 16 megs of system RAM, 8 megs of dedicated video RAM and 2 megs of audio RAM.

PS2: 128-bit, 294 MHz main processor, with 32 megs of system RAM and 4 megs of video RAM.

So you see they are comparable. More video RAM for Dreamcast, more system RAM for PS2 which at that level really doesn't make a difference. Just like the PS3 did vs 360... Sony once again claimed 5 times the polygons yet it translated to nothing. PS3 graphics can be matched by 360 despite that and Dreamcast usually won graphics comparisons to PS2 in reviews.

Anyways I digress... I don't want us to debate really, just curious to see what you guys have at the top of your list. If people feel compelled you can even give a top 3 or a top 5.

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