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Default Re: FA's the raps should go after

Originally Posted by clipse
I think Ersan could defend other 3's, but I do question his handles. As for Nash, I would love to have him on the team, but not if it eats up all the available cap space. Getting Batum and Hill rather than Nash seems like more sense to me.

I like both those guys but neither one makes sense for this team at this point imo. Batum is a skilled guy and an NBA calibre SF but not a leader. Hill is a solid 6-8 guy but that does not help us much right now.

The biggest focus on this team right now should be the growth of our young players like Val, Derozan, 8th pick, Davis and even Bargs. None of these guys are Westbrooke or Durant so they will need leadership to help with their growth. I would happily sacrifice cap space for 2 years to ensure their continued growth. There is no better than a team first pg like Nash to help them along the way. Every single one of them would benefit from the style of play that Nash brings to the table and his on and off court leadership. Bringing on Batum and Hill still leaves this squad leaderless and that has plagued us for a long time.

Granted if we draft a guy like Lilliard that changes everything but I'd be surprised if he is there for us after the show he has been putting on everywhere he goes.
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