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Default Re: FA's the raps should go after

Originally Posted by Jballer
Draft will have a lot to do with it.

In my mind only 2 right now.

George Hill - solid PG. Simply whatever happens with draft / trades / Jose... we need a good PG to run the floor 45% of the time. In my mind worth $5M a year for 3 years as you hope he will accept the role of secondary / primary / secondary PG over the time as we assume / know Jose is gone and the young stud is not yet here.

Anthony Parker - I'll say it again - bring back AP !!!

3 Million per with player option year 2 and team option year 3 for something like the same money as Vet MLE. High Quality Character player - decent skills - defensive intensity - will push the young gunz to work harder play smarter. Relates well with Euro Players having played there himself.

Anthony is what we want.

I'd bring AP back but not for 3 million over 2 years.
Maybe 1.5 with team option in second year, but that's it for a guy who shouldn't really get any minutes on this team. I'd start grooming him to be an assistant coach. I loved the guy when he was here, but he has really slowed down as he is aging. I think he is 38 now. Not too many SG's that can play at 38.
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