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Default Re: FA's the raps should go after

What about Kaman to mentor Val ??

Kaman is two years past an All Star season. Doesnt look to fit into NO plans. Has some known injury bugs....

Ill bet he knows the kids game cause he played head to head in Euro-tourney. Germany vs Lithuana as I recall.

1 year and a player option for a 2nd ? Or 1 - 1 - 1 the 2nd being a player option and the thrid a team option for less ?

I mean Aaron Grey is a nice kid and our Toronto local is kinda fun to watch.... but thats all over behind us. Kaman as starter first half season - co starter 2nd half season - mentor off the bench in seasons 2 / 3 is better than the platoon at 5 we have now. Leaves Barges / Davis / Amir as dedicated 4.


Thing is i bet Kaman is the back up plan for everyone not in the Dwight Howard bidding auction so..... at what cost?? Shrug... i dont know we would play for Toronto if someone gives him $ Million 8 - 6.5 - 5.0 over 3.

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