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Default Re: Your favorite console of all time

Originally Posted by RaininTwos
The one that came out on 9/9/99

The console had everything I needed to be honest. I was a huge SEGA fan boy, huge sonic fan so playing Sonic Adventure gave me first orgasm, then I am one the few who knows about soulblade, so Soul Caliber was heaven for me as well. Their sports games were the most innovative ever, NBA and NFL 2k were unparalleled. They brought in a new era.

my man. I LOVED Sega growing up. The systems always seemed to be superior to Nintendo/Sony products IMO. I loved the Genesis and Saturn too honestly.

NFL 2K, NBA 2K, Crazy Taxi, Shenmue, Skies of Arcadia, Sonic, Phantasy Star, Le Mans Racing, Grandia, Metro Street Racer, Ray Man, Ecco, Soul Reaver, Soul Caliber, Jet Grind, Marvel VS Capcom, Code Veronica, Tony Hawk. Then all of the unique, creative style games like Seaman, Sambia etc. When I think of Dreamcast I think of the most unique lot of games ever. So many unique and interesting ideas, party games etc. It's like the epitome of versatile. If they had survived the Sony war I think they could have made SO MANY epic and unique games.

Some of best RPG's ever too. PS3 has been out so much longer than Dreamcast was in USA yet in those 2 years Dreamcast produced more quality RPG's than PS3 has. Which sucks because I love RPG.

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