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Default Re: FA's the raps should go after

Originally Posted by Chamberlain
Weird scenario I thought of while talking to my dad last night:

Derrick Rose will miss at least half the season. Perhaps it would make sense for both teams to make a trade of Luol Deng for Jose Calderon. The Raptors, in turn, could either draft Lillard at #8, or make that Houston deal for Kyle Lowry.

Yes except neither is a FA as per topic Mr Moderator

Loosing Deng leaves Chi town short in scoring options so they would have to be able to afford to get a replacement on Deng - sign the restricted FA center - and if not mistaken Jose costs a little more than Deng does right now using up cap they dont have. Just off the top my head is Jose 10.5 and Deng 8 ??

Chi towns big deal if one happens is likely around reversing the mistake of Boozer.

Lowry is no FA either ? :LOL:

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