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Default Re: Ben Gordon + Future 1st for Maggette...DONE

I certainly don't think the pick was too much to throw in. Its 15 million bucks for a pick that is either not in the lottery or at least 2 years away. Gordon being the better player is irrelevant to this deal, 100%. Great deal IMO, dump the salary, dump the player and move on. Now we can get bigger and more athletic on the wing hopefully and also have 25 mil of cap space next year if we amnesty CV. Plus we have a big expiring deal to work with in Maggette.

Also Maggette could help. Jerebko could end up as the backup 4 and Maggette could bring some points off the bench, which we seriously lacked last year. Hopefully Daye is dealt away for a 2020 2nd rounder or something like that. Just move on. Amnesty CV now or next year, now only if you want his personality out of the locker room.
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