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Originally Posted by IGotACoolStory
I see Melo with potentially a better handle, but less of an in-between game.

I heard he lost some bulk before the summer so I'm curious to see how he moves now. Melo, while a relatively large guy, still has some incredibly light feet. I don't get quite the same feeling with Jabari.

At one point I thought Jabari was heading to Duke. Lately, I heard the talk between the two parties has basically dissolved and now he is probably going to stay next to home. Any truth? Who would that be, MSU and Illinois?

Actually Jabari is incredibly light on his feet. For instance talked about how he is so deceptively fast mentioning how he literally "floats across the floor" in giant steps. His lightness of foot and handles are 2 of the main things that set him apart from others his size. But I get what you saying in that to the eye he may not look as light because he still losing some of that childhood fat and is not quite as chiseled as say Wiggins or even Melo at this point. Jabari is reportedly still growing and should be getting more and more chiseled every year but don't let his present body type fool you. Very light of foot. And a much better athlete than given credit for. Check this out:

As you can see from the video -- explosive right there. Posterizing a 7 footer. And Jabari's body has slimmed up quite a bit too.

As far as schools go, I still think Duke is in it... right along with MSU. And their could be one or two more in the mix that are not quite as puplicized. But from most reports I would put MSU and Duke at the top so far. And of course anything can happen but I think Illinois is out. The new Illinois coach has quite a bit of catching up to do and seems to be steadily losing ground in this one.


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