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Default Re: will new orleans get an automatic A for draft day grades?

Originally Posted by NugzFan
thats my point - why does that get them an automatic A?

because a hornets ping pong ball happened to be randomly selected a month ago?

they earn an A for that??

Yes. Maybe if Anthony Davis wasnt the consensus #1 draft pick. If it was him on a level to himself, then his peers on another? I could understand a team not getting an automatic A for having the top pick. But its Anthony Davis, the prized pick of this draft. After him? Its a pretty even playing field in the talent pool. Not many prospects stand out over the other. So with that having the #10 pick you can get a talent that isnt that far off from the #2 pick. Which is why I dont see how they can draft someone at 10 and it hurt their grade. Meyers Leonard? Austin Rivers? Liliard? Waiters? Drummond? Eh
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