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Default Re: Piston draft prospects

What's everybody's fixation with 6'9" PF's? I've said it for years, I don't want a 6'9" PF trying to get my team to a championship. Even the Bulls have learned they need to play Gibson over Boozer in the playoffs against the bigger guys. Look at the last teams that have won championships. Who were their PF's? Bosh, Gasol, Garnett, Duncan, and even Rahseed Wallace.... what do they all have in common? Size. They are big PF's. Heck even when Miami won in 06 they had Shaq and Zo down low. You need to have size fellas!!!!

You can't draft a guy like Sullinger and expect any more than a guy who can possibly help off the bench. You also have to figure he's going to have injury problems eventually. The past 3-4 years there's people on this board that want us to draft the 6'9" guy with a lottery pick. Every year I make this arguement and every year that 6'9" guy is nothing more than a role player at best. Luckily I won't have to worry about Joe D making this mistake this year so I don't even see it as a debate. There's no way the Pistons draft Sullinger at #9 tomorrow. If Joe D does that he should be fired.
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