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Default Re: Ben Gordon + Future 1st for Maggette...DONE

The Pistons really aren't saving all that much money... they get themselves a bit of cap space to play with but they aren't really saving money. They're just going to take that money and spend it elsewhere. The payroll is roughly going to be the same for all those years. What I'm looking at is who does everybody seem to think we really have a shot at in free agency with that cap space? Do you really think we can lure a superstar to Detroit? If so, I'm obviously all for it. Next year it looks like we could have the opportunity to sign someone like a Josh Smith or Emeka Okafur. That hardly turns the Pistons into the power in the East they once were.

We aren't going to turn things around super quick. It's going to have to be done in the draft. We'll need our first rounders. But what I'm thinking is Joe D will eventually trade away someone else and try to land a first round pick to make up for the one he had to give up with this trade.
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