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Default Re: Rumor: Hawks want Gasol for Josh Smith

Originally Posted by BØBØ
Hawks are a tax team like the Lakers.
The trade doesn't work, numbers are 4 million apart
Josh Smith for Pau Gasol is not a good trade anyways. Pau is head and shoulders better than Smith, trade gets even worse if the Lakers have to take on some additional garbage Atlanta doesn't want to make the trade happen.

Torn on this. Gasol is the superior player, but Smoove had a monster year. He's 26 and is one of the best defenders and most athletic players in the league. (He is also tight with Dwight (hey, i made rhyme), though I heard SAS say today that Dwight absolutely does not want to come to LA).
He has a decent mid range game, though he is horrible from 3.
I'm thinking hopefully here, but the easy transition baskets Smoove would get us may make up for the loss of offense, and the defense would improve dramatically. He would match up well with guys like Durant, Aldridge and Griffin (guys who give Pau fits. Not that Pau guards KD, but Smoove could spend some time on him).

I'd want something else though. Maybe their first rounder or maybe Hinrich in a S&T could help make up the difference?

If we could also get MO, then a 3 like Ariza, a starting 5 of Mo, Kobe, Ariza, Smith and Bynum would be pretty exciting. A big change from the team we have now. We'd get a lot of points in transition, which are generally high % shots. Man, seems like we never get easy shots with this team. We look old and slow. Wish we could get rid of MWP, Blake and McBob, then keep Sessions and Hill for the bench, and maybe add Beasley.

Youre info on Houston intrigues me as well.

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