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Default The Official Starcraft 2 Thread

This thread exists as the cornerstone of Starcraft 2 here on insidehoops. It primarily focuses on the latest happenings within the e-sports world, such as news, rumors, and results. Discussing your own game and asking questions about things that pertain to the game is very welcomed as well.
Basic Intro to Watching Starcraft 2 Starcraft 2 Livestreams - Featuring livestreams from SK.MC and more
HuskyStarcraft on YouTube
TotalBiscuit's SC2 content on YouTube
Day9 on YouTube
HDStarcraft on YouTube

Champion of Blizzard World Championship Series 2012: Startale.Parting
2012 Auction All-Kill OnGameNet Starleague Champion: SKT1.Rain

Reigning Global Starcraft League Code S Champion

Previous Champion: MVP.Sniper

Reigning Global Starcraft Team League Champions

Team FXO
Previous Champion: Team FXO

Reigning Major League Gaming Champion

Previous Champion: Startale.Life

Reigning Dreamhack Champion

Previous Champion: Acer.Nerchio

Reigning Intel Extreme Masters Champion

Previous Champion: LG-IM.First

Reigning North American Star League Champion

Previous Champion: Mill.Stephano

Reigning World Cyber Games Champion: Startale.Parting
Reigning HomeStory Cup Champion: GL.Snute
SK Planet Proleague Season 2 Champions: CJ Entus
Champion of 2012 Blizzard Cup: Startale.Life
Iron Squid II Champion: Startale.Life

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