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Originally Posted by IGotACoolStory
I see Melo with potentially a better handle, but less of an in-between game.

I heard he lost some bulk before the summer so I'm curious to see how he moves now. Melo, while a relatively large guy, still has some incredibly light feet. I don't get quite the same feeling with Jabari.

Actually Parker reminds me of a taller Mitch Richmond.

I've been thinking of a guy who he best resembles and its "Rock".

Jabari looks to be a guy who looks to be so strong and crafty when he gets to the basket that he can finish in all sorts of ways. From his highlight video you see him getting to the basket at times and he's able lower his head and finish at the rim with both hands without even dunking it every time.

That was the same with Mitch Richmond. Both play at a certain smooth pace that you'd almost forget how athletic they are in open space. Both have such good footwork that they can change direction so quicky off the dribble its tough to guard them. Then both can post up, face up and nail the jumper.

But they resemble each other the most with their jumpshot.

Look at how quick of a trigger Jabari has on that.

Mitch's release was top notch too with a quick trigger either pulling up in transition or spotting up for 3.

At one point I thought Jabari was heading to Duke. Lately, I heard the talk between the two parties has basically dissolved and now he is probably going to stay next to home. Any truth? Who would that be, MSU and Illinois?

Im kinda not ruling out Washington this time around.

A lot of family connections and Washington has a great reputation for putting guys in the NBA.
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