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Default Re: Barkley: I'm better than Malone

Originally Posted by JtotheIzzo
Worst analysis ever, buy a f*ckin clue retard. The fact that you think Barkley, in any way, had better teammates in Philly, IS F*CKIN DUMB AS SHIT!

Barkley had Malone for his rookie and sophomore seasons, and Dr. J for 2/3 of one more. By year 4 Mike Gminski and Ron Anderson were the #2 and 3 scorers for Philly. Fact is, Philly never built a proper team around him, and Barkley wasted much of his prime toiling with scrubs.

In Phoenix, while Barkley was on the downhill side of his prime (despite the MVP 'for past work', Magic stole his MVP in 1990 because too many media members had it in for Charles) they still made two nice runs in the playoffs. By the time CB hit Houston he was a shell.

Malone has longevity, THAT'S IT! Prime Barkley takes a shit on prime Malone.

And what is this shit about Chuck being lazy? he was the hardest working man on the floor for much of his career.
Didn't the Sixers win the championship just two years before Barkley was drafted? I believe they did. He was actually drafted into the perfect situation. Two Hall of Famers in Moses and Dr. J and a 4-time All-Star in Cheeks. Still better than any situation Malone ever had.
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