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Default Re: The Official Starcraft 2 Thread

Originally Posted by Maniak
From what I've been seeing in high level play...

TvZ has changed the most recently due to the queen change that has rendered hellion openings less than effective. Terrans are afraid to move them up as zergs have begun doing builds opening with 4-6 queens, optimizing creep spread. This has repopularized 1/1/1 banshee a bit. This match up has become cheesier on the terran end.

PvZ is the biggest matchup right now due to these races being the generally comes down to lategame compositions where the zerg has mostly air based units (corruptors/brood lords) and a nice number of infestors. the protoss will have a deathball of collosi, archon, stalker, sometime a bit of sentry, some times a bit of zealot, high templar, and mothership. it often comes down to the mothership's vortex on the zerg air units to deal massive splash damage using high templars and archons. zergs are making good use of the neural parasite ability, taking away the protoss' collosi and mothership during engagements to give them an edge in battle.

TvP I haven't seen much of but generally the terran is going mass m/m/m with vikings while the protoss will go deathball generally without archons until a bit later in the game. the terran will add on ghosts eventually.

mirror match-ups i don't know that much. ZvZ has become less ling/bling/roach and more towards later game play. PvP is also a bit more late game and is quite mechanical. TvT I haven't watched barely any lately but is still most of the same marine/tank/medivac battles....

Something popular for zerg is a style most recently popularized by Symbol and Dimaga. Using overlord drops with lots of ling/bling and harass all over the map. This is generally a vP build, and it's a very swarmy style that leads to extremely exciting play.

I noticed this a lot on the streams lately. If I were a zerg I think I'd be doing it too. Looks really cool and stops all early aggression except for....

One of my favorite builds, the one that got me started. The 1/1/1 except I go 1/1/2. I like harassing people and even winning with the 4 banshee pressure (w/cloak)

F*ck calling it cheese. If I don't build a barracks and a bunker in your base it's not cheese (cannons for toss). If I deny you scouting and you don't see my early double gas and dual starports. That's on you not on me (obviously not you Maniak but anyone who would cry about it being cheese). Get out a scan or overlord or observer and find out.

Again, scouting is the key. I've started even using scans if I get denied good scouting. Just played a match scanned toss (I went 2 gas 3 rax) and saw he had 6 lots and 4 stalkers. I had combat shield and concussive shell, and knew my force could take his. I was right. I had planned on waiting a bit longer but once I saw I had to the advantage I had to move out or give him a chance to get a stronger force.
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