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Originally Posted by Rowe
I dont think some people will like his religious values.

You see the "hate" Tebow gets, and Jabari seems to really, really be a guy who is going to talk about the Mormom faith as a public figure.

Thats a pretty tough sell espescially in certain parts of the country.
Right, but that's not on Tebow. I mean, I guess part of it is, the kneeling prayers after big plays and all, but say Cam Newton did that shit, story's dead before either plays a down. And it never even starts if Tebow doesn't win two titles at Florida (one thanks to Chris Leak). You know what I'm getting at with this...

I know Parker's a strict Mormon, but I really don't know what that entails. I mean it's not like Jehovah's Witnesses right, it's not his duty to "spread the word" or whatever is it? If it is, whatever, I really don't think it'd get play. Tebow's a white Xtian QB. For better or worse, that's a long ways away from a black Mormon wing. It'd be a gigantic deal in Utah, but that's it, no one else would care. I mean, let's be honest, some 20 year old black kid preaching doesn't have the resonance that a 23(?) white QB does. That's just how America works, better or worse. I mean shit, one of the two guys that'll be president next term is a Mormon and NO ONE mentions it.
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