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Default Re: Lakers off season thread

Originally Posted by DirtySanchez
Explain the future....what do you see the Lakers doing? Build through the draft etc. we have never been that type if team.

They've never been that type of team with Jerry Buss runnin the show. Now those days are gone. Jim Buss is now the head. We still have yet to see how he will run things and this off-season will tell us alot about what to expect from him. We know he likes getting big name superstars on the team.

My issue is I just feel that they aren't addressing the proper needs. All we needed last year was to add a PG, and they went all out to try and get dwight and cp3. Since then everything has sort of went down hill with as far as leverage goes. Odom is gone, Pau is being dangled, Kobe is aging, we can't find a top 20 point guard to start, our bench is terrible.....

You see what I mean? I just feel like too much has been said and done. I would personally like to see an effort to rebuild, and to rebuild quickly. Trade away big contracts and get some future first rounders. Save enough to attract a superstar.
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