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Default Re: *OFFICIAL* ORLANDO MAGIC game discussion thread. **including playoffs!

AtTheDriveIn's Analysis.

Darko Milicic:

Great game by Darko, he came to play against his former team. He got booed quite a bit, but he didn't let that distract him. Nice pass to Dwight in the last couple of minutes, that really got Orlando going for a bit, but unfortunately their defense collapsed, and Darko made a silly foul on Tayshaun Prince for an and1 opportunity. Oh well, good game by Darko overall.

Jameer Nelson:

I don't have much to say about Jameer, i thought it was yet another dissapointing performance by him, the more i watch him, the more i want him out of Orlando!

Grant Hill:

Ah, the veteran of the team. Played a nice game, would have liked him to take more shots though.

Tony Battie:

Another guy who i think just doesn't work for this team, they need someone else to be starting instead of this guy. he was 4-6, but all shots were somewhat easy. Played his average game.

Hedo Turkoglu:

This game was a little different for Hedo. Normally, everytime he'd get the ball at the 3 point line, he'd shoot, but he only had 1 3pt shot the whole game. Focused more on driving and getting to the hoop. This is how he should always play!!

Dwight Howard:

His free-throw misses killed the Orlando team. Hack-a-Howard anyone? unless this guy improves to at least 65-70%, he's going to cost the Orlando team a lot of games in the future. His FT% took a dip in the last two months of play. 47% in March and 50% in April. MUST IMPROVE FT! Other then that, Dwight played his usual game.

Keyon Dooling:

I like Dooling, he played a nice game, knew when to pass and when to hold the ball, overall good game for him despite limited minutes.

Carlos Arroyo:

Barley noticed him in the game, so i can't really comment on his performance. I still want him out of Orlando.

Trevor Ariza:

They should be playing this guy more. You could see when he was on the court, he had a ton of skill. played 7mins, and i thought that he played a great 7mins.
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