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Default Re: starting an adult league at local rec

Originally Posted by Go Getter
18+, lasting 4 weeks. Any suggestions from your experience in tourneys?
I don't have a ton of suggestions actually. In my experience, basketball has been basketball. Rec leagues are a lot of fun. I say play hard and don't get in the habit of complaining to officials. It seems adults who have taken a break from real basketball for a few years often come back with renewed fury in barking with refs. And I guess it's each player's own prerogative, but I'd suggest fighting the urge to settle and jack up endless amounts of triples. That also seems to be another development as some players age.

In my personal experience, running hard has often been effective. Most teams usually have a weak link somewhere, and sometimes it's everywhere. The older people seem to get, the more likely they seem to be out of shape so the payoff in rec leagues actually ends up being greater for the guy who can maintain his ability and endurance over the years.Also, discipline is often at a premium, since there's no coaching or anything. I often try to take advantage of player's unwillingness to get back on defense in a timely manner.
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