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Default Re: Grinder's Final Mock Draft

Originally Posted by imdaman99
so by nba comparisons, there is only potential for 1 superstar in anthony davis? i thought this was supposed to be a strong draft? or did they mean deep. because mcdyess, sure hes a nice player but no superstar. eric gordon has potential too.

i wouldnt mind deandre, gwallace, or deng on my teams but as top 10 picks i'd want studs.
They say that every year.

This draft is full of hit or miss guys. A bunch of the guys slotted to get pick in the late teens could end up being as good if not better than whoever ends up going 2-5. You pretty much have a bunch of underachievers who could really step it up if they end up in the right position.

Perry Jones, Sullinger, Quincy Miller, Tony Wrotten,Terrence Jones, Austin Rivers, Henson, Lamb, Barnes, Drummond all at one point seemed like can't miss prospects but right now there's no telling what you'll get from them.

Then you have the guys have been solid but don't have the crazy upside. Guys like Gilchrist, Lillard, Zeller and I'd even make an argument for Robinson.

Even Davis isn't a sure shot.
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