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Originally Posted by Myth
Crawford is the complete opposite of untouchable. He said he will opt out if not traded by the draft. Aldridge is close to untouchable (I don't think anybody is really untouchable), but there is nothing on the Raptors I would take for him. Felton is definitely gone as a Blazer. No word on what happens with Flynn, but I wouldn't mind him being signed cheap as a backup.

Also, no rumors here between Portland and the Raptors that I know of. Our most recent rumor was #11 potentially for Millsap, D. Collison, Evan Turner, or Bledsoe.

#11 for Evan Turner? I think I'd pull the trigger on that. He's still young and does a bit ov everything. If he learns to shoot the ball, he'd be better than anything the 11 would net you.
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