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Default Re: Maggette traded for Ben Gordon, 2013 pick

Originally Posted by ~spectre~
Cho said repeatedly over the last day that the trade had nothing to do with who we draft. This was about a) filling Dunlap's want for a 3 pt shooter and most important b) Detroit's pick. Plus I think both Higgins & Cho sincerely like Gordon...mainly for his insane work ethic.

We only added about 2 million to our salary for the next we're looking at around 47-48 million including our pick. We'll easily have around 8 to 10 million before we even hit the cap. With that along with trades we'll worry about need. Tonight is all about BPA.

The year after next including Gordon we'll still have a LOT of space (over 20 million). The trade was an absolute no brainer for us.

Then it's gotta be either Beal or Robinson.
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