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Default Re: J.R. Smith decline option

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
Yeah I wasn't too sold on Barnes as a player, but when he came, I was happy because I felt he brought more to the lakers than someone like Raja Bell, who was the first option to pursue at that time.

With Ron Artest, I mentioned he was my favorite player. I model my game after his. I just felt that Ariza's "roaming defense" and his pressure on the other team's offense was special, irreplaceable, unique, and was the reason we won the championship so easily against the magic.

But when we beat the celtics, it was hard to not want Ron after he single handedly kept us in throughout the game.

When I was thinking signing J.R., my idea of long term was 3 years. Is that too long?

I won't repeat what Barnes was called by you and a few others......but it wasn't about him as a player.........but that was the past

Yeah, 3 years is too long for this guy because of the issues.
He is a Malice at the Palace waiting to would be good to have as much flexibility as possible in case something goes down.
It could be something as simple as his girls fighting with Vanessa to blow this thing up.
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