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Default Re: There will be a HUGE Bust Tonight

Originally Posted by LosBulls
And it will be in the Top 3. The trend continues. Every draft since about 2001 has had a bust in the Top 2-3. I've already made a thread about that trend months ago.

So New Orleans, Charlotte, and Washington, GOOD LUCK.

I would say "Michael Jordan" on suicide watch, but the man is ****ing rich and the GOAT Basketball player nothing could possibly happen to this man to make him want to jump off a bridge.

BTW, Andre Drummond/DeMarcus Cousins/Greg Monroe to begin this generation of bigs. Will be a good competition against Dwight Howard.

Who is the bust in 2008 or 2010?

I think you're confused as to what an actual "Bust" is if you're trying to stretch out the meaning to describe players who've not been at an All Star level but very productive.
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