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Originally Posted by InspiredLebowski
Right, but that's not on Tebow. I mean, I guess part of it is, the kneeling prayers after big plays and all, but say Cam Newton did that shit, story's dead before either plays a down. And it never even starts if Tebow doesn't win two titles at Florida (one thanks to Chris Leak). You know what I'm getting at with this...

I know Parker's a strict Mormon, but I really don't know what that entails. I mean it's not like Jehovah's Witnesses right, it's not his duty to "spread the word" or whatever is it? If it is, whatever, I really don't think it'd get play. Tebow's a white Xtian QB. For better or worse, that's a long ways away from a black Mormon wing. It'd be a gigantic deal in Utah, but that's it, no one else would care. I mean, let's be honest, some 20 year old black kid preaching doesn't have the resonance that a 23(?) white QB does. That's just how America works, better or worse. I mean shit, one of the two guys that'll be president next term is a Mormon and NO ONE mentions it.

Good points.

Im not sure if all Mormons have to "spread the word" but the few who I know from school/work do speak a lot on their faith. Almost to the point where 65% of our talks are kinda ending up being an indirect discussion mentioning how God has ways of dealing with things and the role personal faith plays in how better things will be for you. The other 35% is trying to find common ground by discussing popular topics, but I've learned that they don't really have the same interests as other people their age and dont take part in activities outside of their faith.

So basically, I can't really find a connect and I can imagine how a prominent person would be perceived if he had that same disconnect from the public who scrutinizes their every word/action.

But you're 100% right on how the public is going to react to a 20 year old Black basketball player preaching about faith & discussing Mormom values. From what I understand a lot of the activities & behaviors of most Mormons are different from the general public. As a person who describes himself as a devot Mormon(even considering doing the Mormon Mission at 19), it might cause him to try to drive the point across about his faith a little more. I've seen things where he has done interviews with Mormon websites and appeared on Mormon radio talk shows, very small outlets that most "famous" people wouldn't feel the need to involve themselves with.
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