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Default Re: J.R. Smith decline option

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
If the word had to do with "thug" or "hood" then I think I remember exactly what you're talking about lol.

J.R. just seems to be the only guy to me, that has the potential to win the 6th man award, that comes cheaper than the rest. Kobe said it before saying that JR reminds him of himself. He's the most ridiculous shooter.

I don't like his attitude believe me. Like you mentioned though, people were so anti artest and anti barnes. When they came over here, they quickly became fan favorites. We actually discovered as well that some guys like Ariza were to worry about when they seemingly displayed anger issues on the court with other players.

All this collaborating is pretty much agreement anyways. I don't even think the lakers have J.R. in their mind to be honest. Jim is too shallow for that sort of thing.

Yeah, those were the words, I didn't want to re-hash negative stuff.
The difference is that both Metta and Barnes had passed through their craziest period and learned from it.....J.R has not, and that is dangerous.

There is an enormous difference in Phil Jackson bringing in a crazy player and Mike Brown trying to figure out how to handle one.

Yes, I like his talent very much and love the expected price.....but the term needs to be safe.
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