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Originally Posted by chips93
i know next to nothing about the mormon faith, but dont a lot of young men at 20 go on a faith spreading mission? i heard this about parker, that hes open to forgoing the nba for a few years, to go on a mission. if he does, surely that would draw a ton of attention, not tebow like attention, but it would be the thing that comes to mind when you think of him

I believe they go at 19, and that would literally be right before the start of their rookie season. It would be a 2 year mission somewhere in the world. Most really devout Mormons do go on these missions, I've noticed that it happens pretty frequently in college football. 1 of the Mormon friends I have actually served a Mission that took him out of school for about 1 1/2 years. I believe he was assigned or chose to go to Guinea.

Some prominent Mormon guys like Jimmer Freddete for example turn down a Mormon Mission and get criticized by the more devout group of Mormons.

Jimmer has said that he prayed about going on a mission and felt that he could do more good for the Church going the route of Steve Young, Danny Ainge and other high profile Mormon athletes who have leveraged their celebrity to spread the “Good News”. Some will consider this an excuse but don’t underestimate the affect this kind of exposure has for the Church.

Right. How good an example can someone be who dismisses something as important as a mission for something as fleeting and ultimately hollow as a spot in a professional sport? Regardless of what Jimmer seem may seem at the moment to the sports world, like others that have gone that route, beneath the glitz and glitter he’ll be viewed as a poor example by youth of the church, and rightly so.
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