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Default Re: Barkley: I'm better than Malone

I agree with your initial point but disagree with the bolded. I don't think he did.

The Jazz built a 82-75 lead with about 5 min to go in the quarter. After they did that, they tried running the clock down which ultimately led to the demise. Malone was getting double teamed in the post and if you get double teamed, you make the right play and the right play was hitting the open shooter and Malone just did exactly that. The guy they were helping off of, David Benoit, couldn't nail the threes. Malone was forced to take a couple of shots with the clock running down. That was bad strategy on their behalf since it was too early to play the clock game.
It's very true that Benoit had an awful end to that game, but Malone had just as big of a part. I think I actually broke the last couple minutes of the game down for you once, and I'd do it again, but it seems the channel on youtube that had the game in its entirety has been taken down. The general problem wasn't that they were playing the clock. They actually continued to run their normal plays most of the time, but Malone almost always got into position with little time left on the clock, or just didn't get in a position where he could get the ball in the first place. Sloan after a while actually started to run some plays for Antoine Carr after a bit IIRC, and had better success, but switched back for whatever reason. So a lot of the shots off double teams players were getting were with very little time left on the clock, and they were doubling Malone farther out then they should have been which made it easy to play defense out of those doubles. Either way, Benoit had a couple open shots he should have hit though.

Also, the Jazz were also very well built to exploit Houston's biggest holes BTW. That team was awful at guarding elite PGs yet Stockton didn't have as great of a series as he should've and they traded away Otis Thorpe and Carl Herrera was injured so they had no PF. Malone was guarded by Pete Chilcutt, Chucky Brown and Charles Jones for the most part and that's a major edge for anybody and it's not surprising he was able to have a dominant series getting to the foul line and forcing double teams. Horry didn't switch to the 4 until the PHX series.
Malone really didn't dominate the series. He was good no doubt, but dominant is a huge exaggeration. Either way, it just wasn't as big of an edge as having to double Hakeem every time down the floor because their Front court was built of two 6'8 players, or Drexler having like a 5 inch height and 30 inch vertical leap advantage on Hornacek lol. Carr was actually a good defender in the post, especially in some matchups (he did a fantastic job on Shaq) but it was still an awful matchup problem since Hakeem just shot right over the top of him.
Stockton had a good series excluding the last game. He had two 25+ point games and averaged 18 ppg for the whole series on a good shooting %. However he was not going to dominate a team offensively by 95 in almost any matchup, because he had lost quite a bit of his ability to get inside, which is where he was capable of doing damage in terms of scoring. Houston just played way off him to make sure he couldn't do that, and let him shoot 3s and long 2s, which he tended only to do as a last resort.

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