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Default Re: Top 100 Players voted on by the players...

That list is some serious bullshit. So many things about it suck.

Speaking of suck, they really deep throated the Baltimore Ravens. Don't get me wrong they have tons of top end talent but Ed Reed is not a top 20 guy anymore and Flacco being up there is questionable. I'd honestly rather face him than Romo. Can't believe I jus admitted that

I'm fine with Calvin being ahead of Brady because he is def a top 3 talent in the NFL and dominates his position.

Of course, London Fletcher gets shafted. Leading NFL tackler, textbook hammer dropping hitter, leader and operating brain of good defense and he gets put behind Pouncey who anchors a (last year) suspect line & Earl Thomas who has much to prove and build on.

Not so sure Steve Smith is a top 35 player any longer if you include all phases of the game. Cam revitalized his career but he's gonna fall off more and more.
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