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Default Re: New York and Los Angeles.....Let's do this draft!!!

Originally Posted by MeLO MvP 15
I know it's a joke thread, but seriously... it kinda shows something that the 2 biggest markets don't even have 1st round picks. I mean those are 4 teams that build through free agency and trades because players want to play there so the draft isn't as important (but it should be). I'm probably reaching but it seems to be proof to me.
In the case of LAL the best players in franchise history have been drafted by the team Kobe, Magic, and West. The next three LAL GOAT's were FA/trades Wilt, KAJ, Shaq. Kind of an interesting mix imo.

With LAC their best player ever was traded for.

NYK suck, let's not even go there .

Brooklyn is going to lose their best player in free agency, and hav no picks to fall back on when they have an all time pathetic season.
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