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Default Re: Worst ESPN Draft Crew

i think bilas and the anchor, reese davis i think is his name, have been really good

i love jvg, but yeah, your right, he doesnt look like he wants to be there

broussard is, as always, a douche

Originally Posted by Rake2204
I'll say this, whoever's writing for Reece Davis is kind of a downer. It seemed as many picks as possible were prefaced with updates on the absolute worst things that have happened in that player's life. "And he, of course, lost his dad in a car accident and his aunt to cancer while his it was most recently disclosed his cat has herpes. Congratulations, good for him."

yeah, cant they just simplifiy it without getting into the depressing details?

like 'player X has overcome some tradgedies in the family' or 'hes battled adversity very bravely' etc.

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