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Default Re: 2012 Comprehensive List of Draft Day Trades

Originally Posted by Clippersfan86
Have you ever watched a draft this shittily (yup new word) boring? Seriously FML. I doubt even people getting high picks are entertained by this bullshit. If it wasn't supposed to be entertaining it wouldn't be on ESPN. At least bring in a much more upbeat, interesting crew to discuss the draft.

It's so painful to not only watch a boring ass draft but to have to hear these boring, stupid analysts. You may be wondering why I'm still watching... but the Clippers scrub player pick is coming up in 6 picks and I have small hope that maybe draft will have drama towards end .

Keep your mouth shut if you find it boring moron. I'm enjoying it and there's been alot of surprises. If you don't follow college ball and your team has a late pick what the hell do you expect it to be like?
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