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Default Re: Sullinger & Melo to Celtics

Originally Posted by lilojmayo
OJ Mayo and Rajon Rondo that's a phuking squad right there.

great pick on Sullinger, he will be good a better Glen Davis.

But what's up with the Fab Melo pick, he is a sterotypical example of a guy who only made it to the NBA solely on size, and very little on skill.
He will be every bit as bad as Hasheem Thabeet.

Perry Jones should have been the pick, but if yall can steal OJ Mayo then everything will be forgiven.

Boston needed to stop ****ing around and draft much needed length. It was smart to take a project player with that sort of rebounding prowess and emphasis on defense, particularly when they already took a perceived "risk" drafting Sullinger. Drafting Jones would have given Celtics fans a heart attack. "Two players with medical red flags! " Odds are it would have panned out fine, but you never know.

In the wake of Green going down with his ailment, losing guys like Wilcox, Allen's bone spurs, Garnett's history with the knee(s)... Boston has had it's share of injury issues. Drafting two guys with injury histories, even though I still think they're overblown, probably wasn't on the front offices mind.
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