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Originally Posted by chips93
man you've done complete 180 on this guy in the space of like an hour!?

i wish i was as optimistic

at this point, i just dont know. im not upset, im just reserved to the fact that we wont know for while, whether it was the right move

we can spend the summer predicting, but its all in vain

i know... like i said, after spending everyday since the end up the regular season thing we were getting beal, barnes, MKG, Drummond i come home to see dion waiter so i was in initial shock because i never really watched the guy...

but then i watch some highlights listen to some interviews, check out some stats/comparisons

and it shocked me to see that he is the same size as beal, played 10 minutes less and scores only three points less per game on much higher efficienty/averaged more assist/ and steals.

im not to concerend about the rebounds since beal was obviously gonna get more playing out of position.

alot of people hail him as one of the only players that can be more than an above average nba starter... and alot of GM's said he has true superstar potential.

plus has a great defensive rating.
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