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Default Re: Who stood out to you in the draft?

Sacramento and Washington did great with their high picks. Beal and Wall is a top back court. Robinson and Cousins is a great front line. Detroit also got really lucky with getting the perfect big to put with Monroe.

OKC got the steal of the draft. Perry Jones III could end up being one of the top 10 players of this draft. He's also in the perfect situation to succeed. He could still see some big minutes behind Durant and Ibaka. Boston got two steals too, nice young front court.

I personally hated what Houston did. Their roster is full of good role players but they don't have star. They already really deep and they need to trade at least 3 guys for 1 much better player IMO. For some teams (like a team with a star or two) it'd make a lot of sense to add three mid-level players, but not for a team full of like 10 mid level players...

I also like the Knicks pick even though I know close to nothing about Papa. I heard about interest in him before, but no details. I remember hearing Presti was going to take him with #28 (if Jones didn't fall he probably would've).
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