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Default Re: Zeller to Cleveland for 24th, 33rd,34th

seeing that they get bukake in the trade as well (a great UK player from the hayes years), it actually makes a lot more sense. zeller is clearly a tier above any of the 3 guys they traded, simply by being a decent center and kelenna is a solid wing defender and team player. I like the trade more as I look at the players taken. I am intrigued by clam crowder and there are several players still on the boards at 24 and 33-34 who I think will make good pros (but werent taken). Sideshow has always been best as a hustle 4 imo and zeller is a solid 5 prospect. I was actually hoping the pistons would take him (or leonard) over henson at 9. Didnt come down to it, but hes an underrated player (which is partially due to him being white and partially due to him being a senior). Seriously, look at the combine #s for centers without the names and you would never think his #s are his.
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